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ENGR442 students will take the same lecture and projects as the ENGR242 students, however, they will also be expected to complete a Automated Open Source scientific equipment design by the end of the semester. They will demonstrate their mods for the class.

For some ideas see these from Michigan Tech's Open Sustainability Technology lab projects: Open-source syringe pump, Open-source metal 3-D printer

Instructions[edit | edit source]

  1. Add an image and hyperlink using double square brackets to the appropriate gallery below
  2. By clicking on the resultant red link create a page for your design
    1. Include the template {{242}} at the top of the page
    2. Include all the documentation needed to replicate your modification - use the Jellybox build pages as examples
    3. Include at least one photo
    4. If relevant include a Youtube video of operation/assembly or both
    5. Include tools needed
    6. Include a BOM
    7. Include clear instructions
    8. Include all SCAD and STL files for design improvement
    9. Link to any additional information (e.g. new software/firmware or slicing code at Github)

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