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  • I posses considerable amount of expertise in field of :
 •Product design and development
 •Design for manufacturing
 •Manufacturing processes
 •Additive manufacturing
 •Lean and six sigma
 •Product design, prototyping
 •Finite element methods
 •Design of experiments
  • I am currently working on a Research project on "Micro-Additive manufacturing" & work as an assistant in coursework design for additive manufacturing courses at my university.
  • Computer Expertise:
 |MS Office | Solidworks, AutoCAD/AutoDesk | Abaqus CAE | Matter Control, Meshlab, Cura | MATLAB & Simulink | Pro Engineering | CNC Lathe/Mill programming | Minitab. SAS | NX 11.0 | Catia |
  • Feel free to contact me for any appropriate ideas, projects or openings or discussion regarding my profile on contact details mentioned below:

Email :

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IMG-0470.JPG Athena II Rep Rap model of Athena II

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Athena II printing MTU Souvenir

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