• I am a Mechanical Engineering Grad student at Michigan Technological University with specialization in Powertrain and Control systems
  • Industry Experience: 2 years as Assistant Manager - Product Planing, General Motors India
  • Undergrad in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Surat - India
  • Masters Degree: Michigan Technological University - USA
  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Specialization: Powertrain and Control Systems
  • Graduation: May 2017 (Expected)

3D Printing Projects Undertaken[edit | edit source]

I have specially made this page to demonstrate all the 3D printing projects that I have undertaken as a part of the Advanced Open Source 3D Printing Class under Dr Joshua Pearce. Most major projects listed here have their dedicated page and can be looked up by clicking the appropriate links:

Picture 3D Prints / Projects Aim / Achievement
Assembled.JPG Open Source - Scientific Lab Equipment Project: Sample Rotator Mixer Savings of ~ USD 450 per unit when compared to current commercial equivalent

This was a one person project and was an improvement on the design from the group lab equipment project

Rotatorr.PNG Open Source - Scientific Lab Equipment Project: Sample Rotator - Group Project Savings of ~ USD 420 per unit when compared to current commercial equivalent

This was a group project (undertaken by 2 undergrad students along with me) and was designed from scratch, printed and submitted within 2 weeks of assignment

Full hand held shovel grip.JPGHandle.JPGShovel helper.JPGLeafclaww.JPG Open Source Appropriate Technology Project: Modular hand held arm with "Backsaver" grip attachment and "Leaf Claws" Reduce human effort and improve efficiency while shoveling as well as while disposing leaves during fall season
Dock.jpg Phone dock, Specs Holder and Multipurpose Stationery holder Organize your desk with a multipurpose yet aesthetic organizer that works as a dock for your phone and holds your spectacles and stationery items like pens, pencils, screw-drivers, pluckers or even tooth-brush!
Celtic.JPG Vikings Themed Drawer Pull Handle Decor Project
Minion.jpg Minion Rock Wall with provision for 8mm bolt First 3D Printing project
Dogtoy.jpg 3D Printed Dog Toy Test print that was also the first print on my personal Delta RepRap 3D Printer
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