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MY PAGE[edit]

  • First-year Mechanical engineering Graduate student at Michigan Technological Univesity
  • Specializing in Design, Manufacturing, and Quality field
  • Built my own RepRap Athenall II 3D Printer
  • MY777-2018
  • Contact Details : ssule@mtu.edu | salils.1807@gmail.com | https://www.linkedin.com/in/salil-sule-67364014b/ | +1 906-370-6536


  • Designed and printed a Manual Centrifuge Apparatus for the Automated 3D printable scientific equipment. Check out its page here -> Manual Centrifuge Apparatus
  • Designed and printed Can/Tin opener for patients with Arthritis
  • Designed and printed an Open Source Appropriate Technology(OSAT) product - 'Powder maker' which can be used extensively in rural regions of Developed and Developing countries.
  • Designed and printed the first iteration of manual Centrifuge apparatus. Currently Working on the Improved design of the Centrifuge apparatus with a more ergonomically sound and Robust design which uses the least material resulting in less cost.
  • Please check out my designs on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/salils1807/designs
  • Please check out my designs on YouMagine : https://www.youmagine.com/salils1807/designs


Picture Name Description
CentrifugeApparatus.jpg Manual Centrifuge Apparatus 100% 3D printable and Robust centrifuge apparatus which can be used in medical labs and clinics
10.jpg Viking Box Traced two different images on Inkscape on the box using two individual commands

2.png Rockwall climbing mount Rockwall mount designed for climbers to cling on to the artificial climbing wall