• I am Aditya Trifaley and am a Graduate Mechanical Engineering student in his final year. I have a full time working experience, an Internship and different projects related to Automobile and 3-D Printing. This page is created to record my 3-D Printer projects and the innovations I make to them.
  • Skills: 3-D printing
  • Course Expertise
    • Additive Manufacturing
    • Advance Open Source 3-D printing
    • Finite Element Methods
    • Mechanics of Materials
    • CAD CAM & Automation
    • Design of Machine Elements
    • Design of Material Handling Systems
    • Engineering Graphics
    • Engineering Mechanics
    • Experimental Design in Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Manufacturing Processes
    • Project Management and Operations Research
    • Quality Engineering
  • Software Skills
    • Solidworks
    • ANSYS
    • MS Office
    • Abaqus CAE
    • MATLAB & Simulink
    • Pro-Engineering
    • NX 11.0
    • Cura OpenSCAD
    • Minitab & R
    • CNC Lathe and Turning programming
  • Contact Details

My Projects[edit | edit source]

My Creations[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Description
IMG 3d Printer.jpg 3-D Printer The 3-D printer built in the course MY 5777
X-box stand.jpg X-Box 360 stand This stand was built in the course MY 5777 as a customisation project.
Celtic knot.png Celtic Knot Celtic Knot on an electrical outlet
Rock wall holder.png Rock wall hold Design of a rock wall hold
Peeling Aid.jpg Peeling Aid A fruit and vegetable peeling aid for people with Arthritis.
Peel 1.jpg Peeling Aid Example of the use of the peeling aid.
Upper carrying plate.jpg Upper Carrying plate for a Sieve Shaker The upper carrying plate used on a custom 8 inch sieve shaker.

Picture gallery[edit | edit source]