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This article focuses on information specific to Australia community action. Please see our CASwiki resources page for an overview.

Networks and sustainability initiatives[edit | edit source]

Ecovillages[edit | edit source]

Eco Villages Australia Intro
Authors: Eco Villages Australia, Jun 18, 2020

Events[edit | edit source]


Nov 13 - 19 National Recycling Week


Nov 7 - 13 National Recycling Week

Oct 17 - 23 National Bird Week, Aussie Backyard Bird Count


November 9 - 15 National Recycling Week

May 4 - 10 International Composting Awareness Week Australia

March 23 -29 Meat Free Week Australia


March 2 Clean Up Australia Day

October 3 - 12 National Organic Week

Ocotber 15 Ride2Work Day

October 18 National Divestment Day

Community resources[edit | edit source]


Visions[edit | edit source]

Apps for sustainability[edit | edit source]

Snap Send Solve - Trolley Tracker™, smartphone app to report wayward shopping trolleys on the run

Books[edit | edit source]

Citizens data initiative[edit | edit source]

Australian Bureau of Statistics - Open Knowledge Foundation Australia

Maps[edit | edit source]

Wikimedia Atlas of Australia

See also[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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