Athena Cylindrical Tool

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Files[edit | edit source]

Download the OpenSCAD library from Please read the instructions on that page!

There is also a folder containing stl models of common tools at that location.

Materials and Tools[edit | edit source]

File:Athena cylindrical tool material.JPG
Athena cylindrical tool materials.
Description Count
Printed cylindrical tool holder 1
3/8" ball bearings 3
M3 screw of suitable length 1
M3 nut 1
Plastic epoxy
File:Athena tool effector tools.JPG
Tools required for tool effector assembly.
Assembled tool effector.
Precision knife
2.5mm allen wrench
Small flat bladed screwdriver
Paper towel
Stirring stick
Epoxy mixing pallet

Note[edit | edit source]

The cylindrical tool mount can be made to fit either the large or small tool effector.

Assembly[edit | edit source]

  1. Clean up the print and scrape out the bearing pockets with the small screwdriver.
  2. File:Athena cylindrical nut.JPG
    Press in the M3 nut.
    Press the M3 nut into its pocket.
  3. Remove all grease and corrosion inhibitor from the ball bearings. Use acetone if necessary.
  4. File:Athena cylindrical bearings.JPG
    Put bearings on magnets.
    Put the ball bearings on the three inner magnets on the bottom or bottom (depending upon how it is to be used) of the small tool effector.
  5. Mix a small amount of epoxy and smear some around the interiors of the bearing pockets. Align the fiduciary marks on the sprung tool mount and small tool effector and squeeze the sprung tool mount onto the ball bearings. Set aside to let epoxy cure. NOTE: If too much epoxy is applied to the bearing pockets, it can run down and epoxy the tool mount permanently to the tool effector.
File:Athena cylindrical complete.JPG
Completed cylindrical tool holder.
Athena Upgrades
The mobile tool effector permits easy change-out of tools on the end effector. The following require the mobile tool effector.
Cylindrical tool mount holds small cylindrical tools and is the simplest of the tool holders, having limited uses.
Sprung tool mount holds cylindrical tools in a sprung mount for pen plotting and vinyl cutting, for example.
Microscope holder holds USB microscopes, turning Athena into a quite good 3-axis microscope stage.
The fixed tool mount permits mounting and swapping of heavy, fixed tools that then work the moving workpiece. The following require the fixed tool mount.
Micro mill spindle mount permits attaching a micro mill spindle for small milling projects like PCB prototyping, milling small wood and plastic parts.
Syringe pump mount permits attachment of a 3-D printed syringe pump for printing and plotting viscous fluids.