Online Design Repositories[edit | edit source]

A semi-exhaustive list of parts repositories may be seen here. The most popular are thingiverse and [http// youmagine].

Athena-Specific Information[edit | edit source]

Athena designs and modifications are maintained at github in the Athena repository. The 3-D models themselves are located in the stl folder; OpenSCAD files are in the scad folder.

The upgrades folder contains files for resetting features, such as making possible attachment of the robot to a larger network. Follow the instructions on the upgrades page.

Franklin[edit | edit source]

Franklin firmware source code is maintained at the github repository. Images for the BEaglebone are located at the MOST Franklin image source. Note that the current stabe image is the one dated May 17, 2016.

Solid Modeling Software[edit | edit source]

A semi-exhaustive list of solid modeling software is available at

Open-Source Solid Modeling Software[edit | edit source]

All of the printed parts for Athena are designed and maintained in OpenSCAD, which is a script-based solid modeling package. OpenSCAD is parametric.

Another rapidly developing, full-featured solid modeling package is FreeCAD. Keep an eye on this one as it is very similar to commercial solid modeling software commonly used in industry. FreeCAD is parametric.

Blender is designed for production of complex computer animation and includes robust 3-D modeling module designed for artistic renderings. It is not parametric.

Free To Use Solid Modeling Software[edit | edit source]

  • SketchUp is a popular free software used for designing parametric and non-parametric designs.
  • TinkerCAD is an online 3-D modeling software that runs in a browser.
  • 3DTin Is another browser-based solid modeling software.
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