Pages are "highlighted" on Appropedia in several ways:

It is planned to add voting features and other mechanisms for finding and highlighting the very best content, as part of Appropedia's site development.

Criteria[edit | edit source]

To be tagged as a Good Page, (using with {{good page}}), the page should meet these criteria (these are initial suggestions):

  • Tidy - no major unfinished or confusing sections.
  • Layout - uses sections appropriately, so it is easy for any reader to understand the purpose of each section.
  • Useful - some relevance, great or small, to improving the world.

Add suggestions[edit | edit source]

Please suggest more pages on Appropedia that are worth highlighting, to the list below - that's any page that you find very useful and clear. It's acceptable to list pages you've made yourself. These will be checked and adding to the Delicious account:

Candidates, to be checked:

  • Category:Practical Action - many are not properly formatted yet, and there are many page moves to be done, and notice templates to be changed, but the content is excellent.

Excellent pages[edit | edit source]

Nicely presented pages with excellent info - a more selective set of highlighted pages.

Highlighted service learning pages[edit | edit source]

Teachers: Please put pages from Appropedia:Service learning programs here, so we can use them to share the good work by students.

Highlighted stubs[edit | edit source]

These are important topics that are highlighted because they need work. Ideally at least a couple of paragraphs of information are there to start with, that would be new, interesting or helpful to the average visitor.

Check Category:Stubs for more.

About this page[edit | edit source]

Pages here may be highlighted on the main page, on portals, in blogs, and in all of Appropedia's social media and publicity efforts.

We may later develop classes of highlighted content meeting stricter criteria - perhaps in conjunction with the "Flagged Revisions" MediaWiki extension.

See also[edit | edit source]

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