See OLPC:Creating a collection for detailed instructions.

This is the page for material to be added to devices which can be used for offline browsing (see Appropedia:Offline browsing for more information on doing this with Appropedia). The XO laptop (OLPC) is the largest and most obvious target, but it is hoped that it will be easy to use on other netbooks, nettops and mobile phones. Join us in providing useful information to children and their communities around the world. We can help by:

  • Adding pages below. The best pages are those that are complete, well laid out, accessible to children.[1]
  • Editing useful pages to make them ready for inclusion.
  • Helping to translate pages. We haven't started this yet - if you start a translated page, or wish to comment, please leave a note on the discussion page.

Note: Open access pages, those marked with the {{open access}} template, cannot be added to the bundle, as all works must be under an open license (e.g. CC-BY-SA, CC-BY, GFDL or FAL). However an extra bundle could be made with these pages, which users could add on their own after receiving the machines.[2]

Mark the page with the suitable template. Depending whether consensus has been reached, and whether the page is ready, use one of these three templates:

Bundle pages are found in Category:Offline content bundle, and prospective pages within its subcategories.

The old way is to edit the sitemap, go to: User:Chriswaterguy/OLPC frontpage/sitemap. Clicking the edit button for a section will take you to that page in edit mode.

A manual page is still needed as a final step to avoid pages being added at the l

Creating the bundle[edit | edit source]

(The person creating the bundle should make the bundle from the sitemap page, which is free of notices and categories.

After creating the bundle, please add the next release date, if known.)

Background[edit | edit source]

This page has been created for the Free Content Jam at Wikimania in Taipei, August 2007. The aim of the content jam is to create content for inclusion in the the XO-1W (previously known as the $100 Laptop or Children's Machine) which is being developed by OLPC.W For more information see the talk page.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The target age is 6 to 16. It is okay to have some content which is above this target age, to provide a challenge, especially for gifted children and those with an interest in a particular area; and to provide useful information to their communities.
  2. WikiHow faces the same issue, as they use a non-commercial license - see OLPC:Talk:WikiHow #How to make wikiHow's NC content available to XO users - SJ's second comment explains about adding it to OLPC's collections page.

The {{Offline content bundle sitemap}} is transcluded below:

Template:Offline content bundle sitemap

Discussion[View | Edit]

Notice: The sitemap is transcluded from the template page {{OLPC bundle sitemap}} - this is kept separate because processing the sitemap to create a bundle requires a page with no other links.

Other content[edit source]

Comment on Other content (Wikipedia, CD3WD etc) moved to Collaboration to produce offline content. --Chriswaterguy · talk 20:57, 4 August 2007 (PDT)

What is this?[edit source]

This page is a sitemap for all pages to be used in the XO-1's library. Creating the sitemap is the first step - the pages can then be collected (via dump? or spider) and converted into a "bundle" - see what Wikipedia's done at (click on "books and reference" then "encyclopedia"). Basically, the page (and linked pages) will be grabbed as a static snapshot for loading onto the hard drives of XO laptops so that kids will have a mini-Appropedia in their laptop libraries from the get-go.

Deadline for inclusion in the next OLPC release[edit source]

August 15, 2007

For August 1 and 2 this page acts as a demonstration page. After this, it should be taken as an important project to be implemented based on the pages listed on this page. Pages listed here should be of high enough quality and relevance for inclusion in the OLPC project.

Criteria[edit source]

Pages that are inspiring but not useful also have a place. And who knows what use they'll make of the info, anyway?

The pages should be understandable to some extent by children of 6 to 16 - our material is mostly aiming at the upper end of this range. We might also consider that some of the "how to" information is more likely to be used by the adults in the village (even if the children have to read it out to them, where literacy is an issue). (This point about use by adults is just speculation on my part - I haven't talked about this with the OLPC people, and it's too early to say how it will be used, anyway. --Chriswaterguy · talk)

Apart from that, the page is more suitable the more it satisfies one or more of the following criteria:

  • At least semi practical and/or doable
  • Interesting or inspiring
  • Economical feasible

I.e. an interesting and inspiring description of the Hexayurt will be of value, even if we think it's unlikely that many kids would ever use that information.

The idea of being "culturally appropriate" etc is something we can think about, but don't let this be a restriction - as users will be from a wide ranges of settings, culturally and otherwise, and it's ultimately for the users to work out what is appropriate for them.

Clarity[edit source]

OLPC content is aimed at children of ages 6-16. Highly technical information should generally be made understandable by:

  • making the English clear, and easy to understand, but without losing content; or
  • creating a more straightforward page on Appropedia, which is then listed on the sitemap when ready.

Doesn't have to be everything[edit source]

Note that this is just a base of offline information to be made available on the OLPC laptop. When net access is available, the users will be able to view the complete and up-to-date Appropedia site.

Languages[edit source]

OLPC has volunteers to assist with translation of these pages into their supported languages (including simple English). This is a good opportunity for Appropedia to start to build its non-English language content, and build non-English language communities.

Possible stuff to include[edit source]

Messy but useful:

Stuff from Category:CD3WD - pages not well linked together yet. Don't include these yet as this content does not have clear licensing with written permission, so is presumably not suitable for OLPC.

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