Can someone take a site dump, and somehow read it offline? Yes!

Steps to getting offline access to Appropedia[edit | edit source]

Note! It's not clear if this works any more. Please let us know on the talk page if you try it. Also check #Alternatives, below.

This approach uses the Zipedia Add-On for Firefox. Concerns:

  • Zipedia is no longer found in Firefox's addon database. What is the reason?
  • It is claimed to work with Firefox 1.5-3.0. It's not clear if it works with later versions.


  • You are on a windows machine - the general steps are identical for Linux (zipedia works just fine on Linux) but you will need different software to create the .bz2 file


  1. Download and Install the latest version of Firefox.
  2. Add the Zipedia Add-On to Firefox.
  3. Download the Appropedia current dump (here).
  4. Download and install 7zip
  5. uncompress .gz file
    1. Right click on file
    2. Choose "7zip"
    3. Choose "Extract here"
  6. compress .xml file to .bz2
    1. Right Click on "currentdump.xml"
    2. Choose "7zip"
    3. Choose "add to archive"
    4. Change Archive Format to "BZip2"
    5. Click "OK"
  7. Import to Zipedia
    1. Reload Firefox if you haven't already
    2. Click "Tools"
    3. Click "Add-ons"
    4. Select Zipedia
    5. Click "Options"
    6. Click "Generate Zipedia"
    7. Select "Next"
    8. The input path should be your newly created .bz2 file
    9. The output path should be an empty folder such as "appropeda" in your "my documents" folder
  8. type "wikipedia://wiki/Appropedia:CategoryTree" into your address bar

If you have any questions, hit up my talk page David.reber 04:51, 28 December 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Alternatives[edit | edit source]

Further Reading[edit | edit source]

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