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"Sally Centrifuge" Salad Spinner Centrifuge to Agriculture manual 1 2 5
Agriculture manual 1 3 to Arcata Marsh birds
Arcata Marsh chlorination to Best Available Technology
Beta radiation to Building with Pumice 2
Building with Pumice 3 to Car
Car-Free Day to Community-led total sanitation
Community-supported agriculture to D-tree Mobile Health Algorithm
DAIRY to EE 5900
EFF(Electronic Frontier Foundation) to Energy star
Energy storage to Flax
Fleas to Ghetto2Garden Renewable Energy
Ghetto2Garden solar power to HSU Dorm Cogeneration
HSU Forbes Complex cogeneration to How to record interviews using Skype
How to save the power of Laptop Battery to Intermediate Technology Development Group
Intermediate technologies to Laptop
Laptop computer to Low-Flow showerheads
Low-cost portable mechanical ventilator to Methane Bio-Digester
Methane as fuel to New Himalayan Water Wheel
New Jersey to Open-source simple semiconductor sample holder
Open-source software to PV‐FAQ
P Street Eureka thin film PV system to Plant Life Cycle Story (in spanish)
Plant breeding to Protecting Coastal & Island Biodiversity in Eritrea
Protecting Coastal and Island Biodiversity in Eritrea to Remote spectral prediction for PV applications
Removing parts from FBP UNS molds to Sasa Veitchii
Saskatchewan to Small Scale Renewable Energy Resources and Locally Feasible Technol...
Small Scale Renewable Wind Energy to Soy
Soy bean to Taman Petanu Eco Neighbourhood
Tanks and Cisterns to The Seastanding Institute
The Segner Turbine: A low-cost Solution for Harnessing Water Power ... to Two designs of manpowered battery charger
Two fifty a day challenge to Waste plant oil as fuel
Waste plant parts and residues as fuel to Welcome to Appropedia/Selected project/29
Welcome to Appropedia/Selected project/3 to Worse is better
Writings on Open Design Appropriate Technology to Épluchure d'orange