Hi Felicity - good to have you here. Hope you have a good experience and find Appropedia useful, and have a chance to share your knowledge here as well.

Let me know if you have questions or need help. --Chriswaterguy 05:56, 7 January 2012 (PST)

Welcome![edit source]


Hi Felicity Tepper,

Welcome to the Appropedia wiki. Please make yourself at home! If you need a general wiki-tutorial, see the main help page (or the more in-depth one on WikiEducator).

Check your preferences and be sure you verify your email address and turn on email notification if you'd like it -- you can find out when your talk page, or any page on your watchlist, is modified. You may want to upload a photo or information about yourself to your userpage (which is at User:Felicity Tepper).

If you have a particular interest or project in mind, go ahead and start it! If you have questions or suggestions, the best place to leave them is at our community discussion page, which we call the Village pump - you should get a fast response. Or, feel free to leave me a note on my talk page if you have further questions, need help finding your way around, have a cool idea for a project, or just want to chat.

Glad to have you here!


Great edits[edit source]

Hi Felicity,

Thanks for the great contributions! --Lonny 15:18, 10 January 2012 (PST)

Editing tips[edit source]

Hi Felicity,

Nice starting articles! :-) As a newcomer here, I thought you might find the Help:Editing page useful. (I also do a little copyediting here and there. ;-) Here are a couple of examples.

Internal links (wikilinks)

Places to visit (as external links)

Places to visit (as wikilinks)


When starting new articles, we try to add at least one category at the bottom of the page. That (plus adding wikilinks to and from related articles) helps readers find it. For example, I added Category:Sustainable development and a few wikilinks to the cool Human Sustainable Development Index article you started.

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be glad to help. :-) --RichardF 07:45, 11 January 2012 (PST)

Felicity, glad to see you're getting the hand of this. I'm really happy to see your additions to Appropedia, and it's fine if you concentrate on that and we tidy the wiki markup... but if you pick up the general ideas as suggested by RichardF, even better :).
A small additional tip - to add a category, e.g. Food crops, we write it as [[Category:Food crops]] - but to display it, we add a colon - [[:Category:Food crops]], which looks like Category:Food crops. (I had to use "nowiki" tags there to show the wiki markup.)
But the main thing is that it's great to have you with us, contributing here. Thanks. --Chriswaterguy 06:16, 17 February 2012 (PST)

Endangered species[edit source]

Hi Felicity, I noticed your endangered species article, this being an issue of intrest to me aswell. I added some changes to your page, and just wanted to mention that perhaps buying only native crops in stores may be a way to take action aswell (although I also assume that won't be that easy, perhaps that via community supported agriculture, ... this may be easier) I also made some maps of native fruit, native staple crops, native bees, ... which may be helpful here See native beekeeping, and Suitable crops by region . I leave it to you to change the article as you see fit. I also wanted to mention the organizations Cool Earth (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cool_Earth ) and Carbon Capital. There btw are some organizations specifically for protecting indiginous people (ie Survival International, FUNAI, ...), but I have my doubts on these.

KVDP 06:16, 02 June (PST)

Herbs 'n things[edit source]

Hi Felicity,

Thanks for your contributions. I've been recently importing pages from PermaWiki, some of which are about herbs. If you're interested in joining me, I can give you some more details. It sounds like maybe we've had some similar life experiences.

See you around! --Ethan (talk) 03:41, 21 October 2015 (PDT)

Sounds good. Well, if you feel inclined you can take a look at PermaWiki's index. If any of them are of interest just go to that page, and click the edit button. Then go to the menu on the right that looks like three horizontal lines. You can click on "Source Editor" and then copy the text and paste it into a new Appropedia page. There are some other clean-up steps after that, but someone else can do that. Alternatively, you could see what info is missing from the herb pages there and start a stub here with that information. Eventually I would get around to merging them into one page.

I'm glad you have dropped in after being away a few years. My thought is that this website can be an enduring source of useful information. --Ethan (talk) 04:10, 21 October 2015 (PDT)

Scratch that. I imported all of the relevant articles, which you can find at Category:PermaWiki --Ethan (talk) 05:43, 29 October 2015 (PDT)

Invite to CASwiki group[edit source]



Hi, Felicity

As you say you're interested in "sustainability, ...climate change, (&) community engagement" wondered if you might be interested to join and help out with our Community action for sustainability wiki / CASwiki group

Philralph (talk) 00:50, 11 November 2015 (PST)

Hi Felicity, thanks for your reply. Yes, CASwiki is a sort of a wiki within a wiki, and yes, you can add topics here and mark them to CASwiki through categories. eg Ethan set up Mini library which fits in well with CASwiki's Sharing category. But also many of CASwiki's existing articles would benefit considerably from further development.
Just a brief bit of history [1]: being a wiki within a wiki sort of helps acknowledge any contributors to previous incarnations of the wiki, but also just sort of copying things across and leaving further integration open for later has been the easiest way to merge stuff from previous incarnations. Also I like to think CASwiki complements Appropedia by developing quite a bit the Community action / activism 'strand' and also the Places / locations / localism strand of things. I'm close to having merged most of the articles across, just 3 of about 330 to go! 2 of these are sort of portal pages for 'topics' and 'resources' which should hopefully help make things a little clearer. Once I've got everything I want copied across I'm hoping to develop CASwiki eg by developing 'village pump' type pages specifically for CASwiki or main strands of what its about.
Hopes this answers your questions a bit. Do let me know if you have other questions. It'd be brilliant if you can join us and whatever you can help with / share would be great. Thanks for all that you do, Philralph (talk) 03:10, 13 November 2015 (PST)

Welcome to our CASwiki group[edit source]

Scalogo1(png).png Hi Felicity! . . . Welcome to the CASwiki group!

Great to see you here!

Greensmiley2.jpg I hope you enjoy editing CASwiki and continue to help us grow community action for sustainability. If you have any questions or comments you can add them to our talk page or my own talk page if you prefer. Again, welcome! . . . Philralph (talk) 01:40, 14 November 2015 (PST)

Infobox[edit source]

Thanks for letting me know about that. I deleted a bunch of unused templates a few weeks ago, but it looks like I deleted some that I shouldn't have. If you see anything else like that that's obviously broken, please let me know and I'll look into it. Thanks again! --Ethan (talk) 15:38, 15 November 2015 (PST)

Just noticed the comment about categorization; no problem. One of my ongoing tasks is categorizing pages. There's a few hundred without them at the moment. It's kind of tedious, but it should make the site easier to navigate (I hope!) --Ethan (talk) 15:45, 15 November 2015 (PST)

NZ News item[edit source]

Hi Felicity, looks fine to me. Thanks, Philralph (talk) 00:55, 27 November 2015 (PST)

Adminship?[edit source]

Appropedia:Village_pump#Felicity Tepper for admin :). --Chriswaterguy (talk) 18:10, 27 November 2015 (PST)

Woohoo. Thank you Felicity, you are now an admin! --Lonny (talk) 19:42, 1 December 2015 (PST)

Confirming spam diagnosis :)[edit source]

Agreed that "Get Modern Agricultural Equipment from brand name" was spam, and thanks for flagging it. It's been deleted.

Spam gets more and more subtle... --Chriswaterguy (talk) 05:07, 27 January 2016 (PST)

Lazarus spam[edit source]

Replied at User talk:Chriswaterguy#Lazarus spam

Cheers! --Chriswaterguy (talk) 13:32, 18 February 2016 (PST)

manual[edit source]

Thanks for finding that, and so quickly! It's a relief to know I won't have to make the article from scratch. --Ethan (talk) 19:50, 27 February 2016 (PST)

Thanks and question regarding dubious page[edit source]

Hello Felicity,

I have been loving all your great work. A dubious page just got added and I think you would be the best to evaluate if it is (a) spam, (b) useful, and/or (c) somewhere in between: Organic Gardening Ideas To Maximize Your Garden's Potential. Please feel free to do what you think is best with that. :)

Thank you, --Lonny (talk) 18:33, 11 April 2016 (PDT)

Howdy and help[edit source]

Hi Felicity,

I thought you would like this project we are building now - Swaleny#Plants. I also thought the page and/or project could use your expertise. Thanks! --Lonny (talk) 00:07, 14 June 2016 (PDT)

Upcycling category[edit source]

Hi, I merged and redirected Category:Repurposing and upcycling into the existing Category:Upcycling because they cover the same topic. But your phrasing might be better, so should we have "Repurposing and upcycling" be the default name for the category? --Ethan (talk) 17:25, 25 August 2016 (PDT)

In that case would be best to go ahead and make a second category for repurposing? Are they distinctive enough to justify two categories? If we want one category we'll have to go in and manually recategorize all of the pages currently in the Upcycling category. There's also the umbrella category of Category:Material reuse. (I hope I'm writing coherently, I'm on my third day of quitting coffee cold-turkey!) --Ethan (talk) 17:22, 26 August 2016 (PDT)

Spam![edit source]

Hi Felicity,

Thank you for all your awesome work and also your help on spam abatement. Just a quick update that we have now modernized our captchas and hope that (a) this will make user experiences better (it seems spammers had an easier time than members!), and (b) this will prevent more spam than our previous system (google rates our new method as much higher protection).

Thanks again, --Lonny (talk) 14:49, 21 September 2016 (PDT)

Hi Felicity. Have you ever heard of a Sausage Tree? User: Chriswaterguy knows what it is! I created it and he really loves the page. Check it out! Sausage Tree --Supernerd (talk) 21:30, 28 November 2017 (PDT)

Segapedia[edit source]

Hello beautiful Felicity, could you help me with my wiki called Segapedia? It is at Segapedia. My user name is "Tiger Mum". Saftzie (Message me!) 00:40, 23 April 2019 (PDT)

Your 2021 impact stats are right here![edit source]

Let's recap.png

Hi Felicity! We thought you may want know that your top performing pages so far are:

  1. List of environmental issues (401 132 page views) Update!
  2. How to cool a room with water (235 392 page views) Update!
  3. Food crops (108 966 page views) Update!
  4. Edible leaves (27 759 page views) Update!
  5. Uses for coconut shells (21 965 page views) Update!

Overall, your impact has been of 1,041,541 page views, woozaa!

Also, your user page has received 1330 visits! People are interested in knowing more about you, edit your user page to tell the world what you've been up to.

Thanks for your contributions and for making Appropedia great, have a merry green Christmas!!

The Appropedia Team

Translations of your top pages[edit source]

@Felicity Tepper Hi! I thought you'd like to know that User:PedroK and me have been improving some of your pages and now recently auto-translated them to 5 languages! Check this out:

Hopefully this will increase even more the already high impact of your work, cheers! Sophivorus (talk) 15:01, 18 May 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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