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Herbs are a group of plants that generally affect you in one way or another, whether it is a culinary herb, medicinal, aesthetic, or poisonous.

Annual, biennial and perennial herbs list[edit]

Plants have a life phase consisting of either annual, biennial or perennial, and the herb plants belong in all three of these life phases, depending on their type, location, and in some cases, cultivation methods. Note that some annual and biennial herbs can cross between annual, biennial and sometimes a few extra years, depending on climate and cultivation approaches. In turn, given an unfamiliar harsh climate or poor soil or just plain bad gardening, some perennials can also last but a year! Herbs make excellent plants for edible landscaping, medicinal uses, a source of fragrance and colour, and as a source of enjoyment in creating specific type herb gardens.

Here is a list (in progress), showing the different types of herbs according to their life phase.

Annual herbs:

Biennial herbs:

Perennial herbs:

Hardy evergreen herbs able to withstand winter include:

Indoor growing of herbs: Regardless of the length of time a herb is meant to live for, herbs grown indoors tend to have a reduced lifespan. Hence, it is best to treat indoor herbs as short-lived plants.

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