Anise (Pimpinella anisum) (commonly called aniseed) is a medicinal and culinary herb that grows white flowers annually. The seeds, which are small, oval and ribbed have a grey-green colour, are the part usually used.

Growing anise[edit | edit source]

Anise is planted in early spring, as soon as the ground warms up, then it should grow to about 18-23 inches (45-60cm) in height. It is similar to parsley in growth and spread.

Anise prefers a reasonable amount of warmth and does well during summer. Choose a sunny position for it. Anise prefers light and dry loamy soil types.

Using anise[edit | edit source]

Anise has various medicinal uses. The anise seeds are used to make many treatments including cough treatment, epilepsy treatment, sedative, antiseptic and more.

From a culinary perspective, anise seeds are used. They add a sweet, warm and fragrant flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes.

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