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CASwiki news articles have a focus on news of community action for sustainability. This article is an offshoot from Towards sustainable economies and is for news and comment in that global or international context.

2016[edit | edit source]

What's Next for the #BuyTwitter Campaign, Dec 22 [1]

Lessons on Creating an Equitable and Sustainable Economy, Nov 17 [2]

What if you got $1,000 a month, just for being alive? I decided to find out. Nov 14 [3]

The world's largest experiment in giving people free money launches in October — here's how it'll work, Sep 26 [4] ...Kenya

A Shareable Explainer: What is a Platform Co-op? Aug 16 [5]

This is the most efficient economy in the world, Jul 19 [6]

Clean energy won’t save us – only a new economic system can, Jul 15 [7]

From basket weavers to salt farmers: the women leading a renewables revolution, Jul 9 [8]

The Italian Region Where Co-ops Produce a Third of Its GDP, Jul 5 [9]

Why Switzerland’s Universal Basic Income referendum matters, even though it failed, Jun 5 [10]

Basic Income Gathers Steam Across Europe, May 27 [11]

Circular Economy 2.0, Mar 4 [12]

La'Zooz: The Decentralized, Crypto-Alternative to Uber, January 26 [13]

2015[edit | edit source]

Sharing the future, November 30 [14]

Ten Ways to Challenge Capitalism's Death Grip on Daily Life, October 21 [15]

The LEF – REconomy’s ‘Killer App’? September [16]

A basic guaranteed income in the context of Maslow..., July 15 [17]

The emergence of sophisticated p2p-based solidarity economic networks, Michel Bauwens, March 4 [18]

2014[edit | edit source]

Basic income paid to the poor can transform lives, December 18 [19]

Life in a ‘degrowth’ economy, and why you might actually enjoy it, October 1, by Samuel Alexander, Research fellow, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute at University of Melbourne [20]

Autumn central massachusetts.jpg

A Worker Cooperative That Proves Alternative Economic Systems Aren’t Only For The Privileged, Apr 14 [21]

2013[edit | edit source]

Universal Basic Income: A brief overview of a support for intelligent economies, quality of life and a caring society, April 17 [22]

2012[edit | edit source]

'Occupy' as a business model: The emerging open-source civilisation, March 9 [23]

2011[edit | edit source]

The New Story of Stuff: Can We Consume Less? [24] November 28

Austria: Call for an EU-wide Unconditional Basic Income. European Citizens’ Initiative to Be Launched, [25] November 8

Iran's economic reforms usher in a de facto Citizen's Income, [26] Citizen's Income Newsletter, Issue 1, 2011

2010[edit | edit source]

"Better than Growth" released by Australian Conservation Foundation, [27] June 11

2009[edit | edit source]

Mongolia to introduce national basic income, [28] December 3

"I’ve been arguing for several years that a savings account is the only proven method of carbon sequestration." [29] May 4

Japan and South Korea launch Green New Deals, [30] January 9. South Korea's 36 projects include the creation of green transport networks, the provision of two million energy-saving 'green homes' and the clean-up of the country's four main rivers.

2008[edit | edit source]

Reducing consumption key to a sustainable future, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, November 11. Based on then ground-breaking modelling, the forecasts of global ecological and economic collapse by mid-century contained in the controversial 1972 book; The Limits to Growth, are still ‘on-track’ according to new CSIRO research. [31]

'Green New Deal' can save the world's economy, says UN, [32] October 12

Green Jobs Initiative report generally optimistic, but says too few green jobs are being created for the most vulnerable: the 1.3 billion working poor (43 per cent of the global workforce) in the world with earnings too low to lift them and their dependants above the poverty threshold of US$2 per person, per day, or for the estimated 500 million youth who will be seeking work over the next 10 years, [33] September 24

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