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"Annual, international celebration of additive-free loaves and the people who make them"[1] Real Bread Week is run by the Real Bread Campaign, www.realbreadcampaign.org. The Real Bread Campaign is a project of Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming.

When[edit | edit source]

February 17 - 25, 2024 (Sat - Sun)

How to get involved[edit | edit source]

Get involved: sustainweb.org

Social media[edit | edit source]

#RealBreadWeek. Please tag the Real Bread Campaign on social media: @RealBreadCampaign on Instagram and Facebook, and @RealBread on Twitter.

Can Real Bread be gluten free?[edit | edit source]

Gluten-free and additive-free are not mutually exclusive....read more via sustainweb.org

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