On site Photovoltaic on 12st, Arcata Presentation by Daniel Titman

This is a grid tied crystal panel PV system which was installed in 2004. There is no battery backup for a grid tied system. When the PV array is no longer receiving sun light, conventional energy from a local energy provider can be used. The home owners received $8,700 in tax credits/ rebates at the time of installation. Depending on latitude location the panels should have less degree tilt at lower latitudes and greater degree tilt at higher latitudes.

The following data is from an interview with Daniel Titman
  • Adjustable panels are not worth the time or money to put in place in Humboldt County.
  • AC PV panels can be plugged directly into Romex (standard household wiring)
  • The price of the panels reduced from $7-8 per watt down to $3-4 per watt over the last two years.
  • A bigger inverter would be needed if a battery backup was in place.
  • A 4x8 panel cost $800-900 dollars.
System overview
  • 3.2 Kilowatt
  • 16 panels
  • Inverter: Sunny boy
Power produced
  • 13,944 kilowatthours have been produced by the system on 10/4/09
  • $21,000-27,000 installed
  • 20% efficient panels
  • 95% efficient in conversion in inverter
  • <1% line loss