Mikko (Okkim Babii), Markus (Markus Darkward NOW Walder Qarnac), Annette 13.04.2010

  • Mediated image of remote location
  • Can new media be used as efficient tool to support forest activism?
  • Digital divide between rich & urban & poor & rural (global perspective)
  • Representations of forest related lifestyles in (new) media
  • How do people use web based media in rural areas to communicate the forest issues?

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Facebook and open API[edit | edit source]

with a little tweak we have a social net game for second life


can easily become creating a forest / nature preserve. Bring in the threat from loggers and friends network to protect your forest and you have a game and also a way to take about protecting the forest:

http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=6206069006 http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=40728241947#!/apps/application.php?id=40728241947&v=info

are a couple using the facebook open API to play forest resuce games.

There is even funding from a finnish company to develop new apps like such games:


So why not use the open API to save the finnish forest. There is a big user base potential in the boreal region.


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