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Location Barcelona, Spain
  • Inside Fab Lab Barcelona and the IAAC: 3D printing for the people[1] Oct 5, 2017
  • Barcelona's Decidim Offers Open-Source Platform for Participatory Democracy Projects, Sep 5, 2017[2]
  • Barcelona acts to address climate change, Jul 20, 2017[3]
  • How Barcelona is reducing daily car journeys, Jul 3, 2017[4]

Jan-Jun 2017[edit | edit source]

Building the Networked City From the Ground Up With Citizens, Jun 27[5]

Barcelona has always been a centre of radicalism. Now the City's €1bn spending power is being used to build a more democratic economy, Apr 10[6]

El ayuntamiento crea Barcelona Energia para autoabastecerse de electricidad, Mar 30[7]

From 'smart cities' to 'smart citizens': when technology meets activism, Mar 29[8]

How Progressive Cities Can Reshape the World — And Democracy, Mar 10[9]

Eight lessons from Barcelona en Comú on how to Take Back Control, Mar 8[10]

Barcelona Plans Europe's Largest Car Ban Yet, Mar 7[11]

Barcelona Crowdsourced its Sharing Economy Policies. Can Other Cities Do the Same? Jan 18[12]

2016[edit | edit source]

Barcelona will offer free public transport to those who get rid of their polluting car. Dec 13[13]

Barcelona's Brave Struggle to Advance the Commons, Nov 22[14]

Barcelona, primera ciudad "Veg-Friendly" del mundo, May 30[15]

Superblocks to the rescue: Barcelona's plan to give streets back to residents, May 17[16]

2013[edit | edit source]

Food For Thought: Why Barcelona's Markets Are "Super" Places, May 30[17]

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