The AthenaII is based on an OrangePi board, which includes an onboard wireless adapter. This page describes the process of connecting to a wireless network rather than using a physical network interface.

Required Materials[edit | edit source]

  • Computer with wired and wireless network connection & Ethernet cable
  • SSH client program (ssh on Mac or Linux, PuTTy or equivalent on Windows)
  • AthenaII board (and OrangePi) with pre-installed MSE4777 Debian/Franklin image
  • USB to ethernet adapter (if setup computer does not have wired interface onboard)

Initial Wireless Setup[edit | edit source]

  1. Connect the powered AthenaII board to the computer using an ethernet cable.
  2. Check connection to in a web browser or using ping on a command line.
  3. Using an ssh client (eg PuTTy, not your browser), connect to (That is, IP Address, Port 22) with username debian and password reprap. Note that the password reprap may not appear in the client as you type it.
  4. nmtui interface
    Launch sudo nmtui and select "Activate a connection" using the arrow keys and enter key.
  5. nmtui network connection
    Select the WiFi network of interest (ex. NETGEAR, LINKSYS...) . Enter the network key if necessary. nmtui should indicate success.
  6. Exit nmtui using the back and quit buttons.
  7. ifconfig results for connected OrangePi
    At the command line, launch sudo ifconfig and look for the interface wlan0. Identify and note the inet IP address for this interface (here,
  8. Disconnect the ssh session using exit or by simply closing the ssh window.
  9. Remove the ethernet cable from the AthenaII.
  10. Test the connection using a device connected to the same wireless network as the AthenaII, again either by pinging or browsing to the inet address identified above. The AthenaII homepage should load.
  11. Continue setup or operation with Franklin.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If the printer is unable to connect to the wireless network, for example if the SSID/key changes, a wired connection will be required to connect to the printer.
  • The OrangePi onboard wireless interface may be unreliable. While a high-reliability network connection is not necessary for printer operation, it is desirable for live feedback, monitoring, and command input. USB wireless interfaces (dongles) may be used to solve this.
  • The password for access can be changed using the passwd command. This may be desirable on shared networks, although Franklin will maintain unregulated access within the network.

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