Andrew Boerman
Graduated from Michigan Technological University
Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering

Bio[edit | edit source]

I am an undergrad at Michigan Tech pursuing bachelor's degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Engineering. My primary interests include mechanical design and selection/application of materials to mechanical design. I enjoy designing things that don't require significant overhead/resources to produce -

My background is primarily in mechanical design. I participated in the FIRST Robotics Competition in high school and worked as the lead student designer and student electrical lead for the team. I've experimented and tinkered with software/embedded programming, electronics and electrical systems, and of course mechanical design. I've also worked as a CAM Programmer designing toolpaths and producing g-code for CNC milling, designed parts for manufacturing, and worked in the automotive, small manufacturing, and steel industries.

Open Source 3-D Printing Class[edit | edit source]


Minor Projects[edit | edit source]

Project Description Image
Capacitor Bank Capacitor Bank consisting of 9x 7290 uF @ 280V forklift capacitors. This was mostly for the purpose of trying to crush aluminum cans and experimenting with the behavior of metallic objects passing several thousand amps at several hundred volts.
Capacitor Bank
Check Fixtures Various check fixtures for automotive mold/trim features. Used GD&T specs to design appropriate dimensional checks, and used advanced CAD modeling methods to design fixturing. N/A
FRC Robots ~120 lb robots designed to play games for the FIRST Robotics Competition. I was the lead design student and lead electrical student on FRC Team 1684 in 2014 and 2015. N/A
UP Bottle Opener Cast Iron Bottle opener in the shape of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The part is approximately 7" long, 1/2" thick, and the bottle opener is approximately where Whitefish PointW would be located. Created as part of a "Castathon" 24-hour casting event at Michigan Tech with a team of graduate students and graduating seniors. I was partially responsible for part and mold design, and worked to build the pattern and pack the flasks for casting. The pattern was partially 3d printed to create the complex shape.
UP Bottle Opener Design

Discussion[View | Edit]

Sci project - think a little about printability - might be better to have the two central holders be snap ins that are mechanically constrained to be vertical. Then if you change the angles slightly for the exterior supports you would be able to print vertically with no support. NIH is not live -- Dr. Pearce

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