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[http://www.sharingbackyards.com/browse/Vancouver,BC&welcome_box=3# City of Vancouver SharingBackyards]
[http://www.sharingbackyards.com/browse/Vancouver,BC&welcome_box=3# City of Vancouver SharingBackyards]
=== Sharing ===
'''Maps''': [https://www.shareable.net/cities/vancouver-bc-canada vancouver-bc-canada, Shareable]
[[category:Sharing cities]]
=== Sustainable transport activism ===
=== Sustainable transport activism ===

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Sustainability initiatives

Greenest City 2020, information from the City of Vancouver

Initiatives by topic

Community energy

Cycling activism

Wikipedia: Cycling in Vancouver

Food activism

City of Vancouver SharingBackyards


Maps: vancouver-bc-canada, Shareable

Sustainable transport activism

Public transportation in Vancouver



Aug 13 Bike to Shop Day


November 8 Great Climate Race, a run/walk to crowfund for local solar energy

June 6 100in1day Vancouver, transform your city

May 27 Feeding the 5000 Vancouver

News and comment


In Vancouver, 50% of trips are by foot, bike, or transit. This video shows how they did it. Dec 9 [1]

Robson Square a tremendous opportunity to celebrate Vancouver’s vibrant urbanism, Apr 19 [2]

Electric scooter sharing service to launch in Vancouver this summer, January 22 [3]


New In Town: Lupii Café – Vancouver’s First Zero Waste Café, August 10 [4]

Green landlords, 150,000 trees and super-efficient plumbers - how Vancouver became a green leader, June 19 [5]

Half of Vancouver trips being done by walking, cycling, transit: Officials, May 13 [6]


Vancouver City Council Approves $3 Million in New Bike Lanes, June 13 [7]



Interwiki links

Wikipedia: Vancouver, Vancouverism, Transportation in Vancouver


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