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Mark Hansen
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Hi my name is Mark Hansen. I am a senior mechanical engineering student at Michigan Tech. I love photography, flying planes, and woodworking at home. I love to tinker and design new things for the enviroment I am living in. I call this "Home Hacking".

Mark is a senior Mechanical Engineering student at Michigan Tech that is minoring in Aerospace Engineering. Aviation and flying have always been a passion of his as well as photography. Mark's intent with 3D printing is to develop better tools to help him in both worlds. He has a lot of exciting projects brewing and waiting to be finalized. Stay tuned for some of his work!

Current Projects

The current project that I am working on is an automated time-lapse slider for my camera. The idea for this project comes from wanting to make higher quality time-lapses with dynamic movement in them. Alternative options for a product like this on the market start at several hundred dollars. My goal is to have this cost under $100.00 to make. The preliminary design for this slider can be found in this PDF File:Time lapse Camera Slider.pdf

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My Mini Projects

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Big Projects

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