The Ford 1.8 indirect injection engine was fitted to some European Ford vehicles up until 2002.

This series of engines was available with or without turbo charger. Although also available as 1.8 Ford indirect injection with CAV rotary pump this page concerns engines fitted with Bosch injection equipment.

Fuel Delivery[edit | edit source]

These engines use a Bosch VE injection pump to delivers fuel through pintle nozzle fuel injectors. The injection pumps are fitted with various add on modules depending on age and application.

Biofuel conversions[edit | edit source]

Biodiesel[edit | edit source]

Many unmodified engines have been successfully fuelled with biodiesel.

Pure plant oil[edit | edit source]

Single tank conversions[edit | edit source]

A number of people have successfully implemented a single tank conversion on this engine type. Elsbett have developed a single tank conversions for this engine to run on fuel grade rapeseed oil.

  • Elsbett perform conversions and sell kits for DIY conversion.

Twin tank conversion[edit | edit source]

Numerous companies offer twin tank conversion kits for this engine.

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