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|Image:RockWall.jpg|Kyle's Rock Wall Hold
|Image:RockWall.jpg|Kyle's Rock Wall Hold
|Image:SpoolHolder.jpg|Spool Holder

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Kyle Barie


I am a sixth year student studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Manufacturing at Michigan Technological University. I plan to graduate in the Spring of 2016. I am currently enrolled in the Open Source 3D Printing Class where I am learning how to build and manipulate my very own 3D printer as well as learn about the open source community as a whole. I am also involved in the Consumer Product Manufacturing Enterprise where we strive to exceed expectations of company sponsors, improve the lives of consumers through innovation giving us hands-on experience at identifying and solving real-world engineering problems by developing and applying technical, professional and entrepreneurial skills. Working with the Hops Dryer Development Team we aim to create an affordable solution to small scale hops farmers to create more high quality hops for the expanding craft brewing industry.

I have learned that every success and failure can be used as an opportunity to learn and better yourself, which I take advantage of as often as possible. I am always asking questions, and learning everything I can.

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Kyle's Rock Wall Hold  
Spool Holder  


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