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|Image:jchamilt_customizer.PNG|Fig 1d: [ Customizer Mini Project]
|Image:jchamilt_customizer.PNG|Fig 1d: [ Customizer Mini Project]
|Image:jchamilt_screencover.PNG|Fig 1e: [ Screen Cover Mini Project]
|Image:jchamilt_screencover.PNG|Fig 1e: [ Screen Cover Mini Project]
|File:Viking_axe.PNG|Fig 1f: [ Viking Mini Project]
|Image:Viking_axe.PNG|Fig 1f: [ Viking Mini Project]

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My name is John Hamilton, I am a student at Michigan Technological University. I am graduating in December of 2019, with a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering.

Welcome to my user page, here you can find all models that I have designed specifically to 3D print, as well as models I made for fun.

Past Work Relevant to Appropedia

Open Source 3-D Printing Class

Proof of Print Build

Mini Projects

Fig 1a: Operational 3D Printer  
Fig 1b: 3D Printing Failure  

Big Projects

Fig 2a: Big Project 1  
Fig 2b: Big Project 2  
Fig 2c: Big Project 3  
Fig 2d: Big Project 4  
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