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Open-source scientific hardware gallery

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I moved them to another page - please keep going with next gallery

3D printable OSAT
[[Image:IMG_5022[2_preview_featured.jpg|center|border|180x135px|alt=|Adjustable Ribbon Generator ]]
[[Image:IMG_4898[1_preview_featured.jpg|center|border|180x135px|alt=|Coil jig Parts ]]
recyclebot and friends

Please do the following

  1. go to their pages below find the open source scientific hardware
  2. save a picture of the device your computer and then upload it to Appropedia using
  3. make a gallery using the example one above as a reference. Include the image file name and the link back to the source along with the descriptive title.
  4. Example wiki markup for the gallery shown above:

Example gallery.png

  1. So each line includes an image, a link and a title for a specific hardware example.

Make a separate gallery for each of the following providers of open source hardware.