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Sustainability initiatives

Local sustainability initiatives

Please see our local or city pages via the India category, where of course you can share any more information you may have about local sustainability initiatives.


The Goenchi Mati Campaign, Fairness in Mining

Initiatives by topic


India Biodiversity Portal - Defra, UK Darwin Initiative: India

Wikipedia: India, Biodiversity, Wildlife of India, Wildlife of India, Conservation, Wildlife of India, Biosphere reserves, Indian wildlife portal

Climate action

India Climate Portal - Indian Youth Climate Network

Community energy

About Dharnai Live

Community involvement

India (category) on Governance wiki - IndiaUnheard, Community News Service, alternate newswire at grassroot level - wikipedia:People's Planning in Kerala

Cycling activism

Critical Mass bicycle rides in India

Wikipedia: Bicycle Transport in India, Cycle rickshaw Transport in India

Environment quality

More video: Cars choking Delhi's roads, 2007

The Ugly Indian Book - wikipedia:Air pollution in India

Food activism

Mumbai Port Trust terrace garden - Solar cooking resources in India

Rural sustainability

Institute of Rural Management Anand, Wikipedia:Institute of Rural Management Anand - Find your feet

Sustainable livelihood

Development Alternatives Group - Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group

Sustainable transport activism

Ecocabs, wikipedia:Fazilka#Intra-city-Ecocabs

Wikipedia: Urban public transport in India, Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) in India, Rapid transit in India, Walking in India, Waterways in India - Living root bridges

Trees, woodland and forest

wikipedia:Jadav Payeng

Urban sustainability

Wikipedia: Gurgaon, Raahgiri Day: The city of Gurgaon organizes Raahgiri Day every Sunday and is modeled after Ciclovía, an event that began in Bogota, Colombia in 1976, which closes streets to cars and opens them for the exclusive use of people for running, cycling, skating, or other recreational activities. It is a concept adopted by several cities around the world. Gurgaon is the first and only city in India to hold this event. Launched in November 2013, over 2,00,000 people have participated in this event since then. Raahgiri Day is organized by a team of NGOs and citizens' groups. The NGOs associated with the event are Peddal Yatri, India Cycle Service, EMBARQ India, I am Gurgaon and Road Safety Officers.



April 22 - 27 Neighbourhood Trees Campaign, India Biodiversity Portal

News and comment

See separate article: India news



India•CR - India Citizen Reports runs on Ushahidi since 2011 to collect and disseminate reports in various categories like civic problems, crimes and corruption. uses Ushahidi to map 3G network quality and Wi-Fi hotspots. [1]


See also

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Wikipedia: India - Sulabh International - Bindeshwar Pathak

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via List of Ashden Award winners, winners in India 2002 - 2008

wikipedia:List of Ashden Award winners, winners in India 2009 and 2011




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