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Sustainability initiatives[edit | edit source]

Campaigns[edit | edit source]

Save The Kimberley

Initiatives by topic[edit | edit source]

Education for sustainability[edit | edit source]


Sustainable transport activism[edit | edit source]

TravelSmart / Living Smart, information from the Department of Transport, WA Government

Local academic Peter NewmanW is a leaving thinker on sustainable transport and has been actively involved with the development of rail transport, including a successful campaign to bring rail rather than a freeway to connect a new development top Perth.

News and comment[edit | edit source]


Tesla battery will power unusual community storage project in Western Australia, Jul 11 [1]

Feb 7 Perth council cuts red tape to allow residents to plant fruit and veg in public parks [2]


Blackout parties: how solar and storage made Western Australia farmers the most popular in town, May 15 [3]


Kalbarri to host what could be Australia's largest renewable energy grid, Nov 28 [4]


City of Fremantle to divest from carbon intensive investments, November 14 [5]

City of Fremantle – On Becoming a One Planet Council, October 8 [6]

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Wikipedia: Western Australia


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