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Romania community action[edit | edit source]

Biodiversity[edit | edit source]

  • Wild Transylvania, "collection of stories documenting the lives of people and wildlife in a remote corner of Romania", added 12:48, 16 March 2021 (UTC)
  • Agent Green, nonprofit NGO for environmental protection founded in 2009 for biodiversity conservation.

wikipedia:Protected areas of Romania

Community energy[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia: Solar power in Romania, Wind power in Romania

Cycling activism[edit | edit source]

Critical Mass bicycle rides in Romania

Ethical consumerism[edit | edit source]

buynothingday.home.ro (2005)

Social inclusion[edit | edit source]

wikipedia:Welfare in Romania

Sustainable transport activism[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia: Romania, Waterways

Resources[edit | edit source]

Research[edit | edit source]

Associative Environmentality Romanian Forest Commons Project

News and comment[edit | edit source]


Rosia Montana: how Romanians united to save a mountain village from mining apocalypse, Jan 11 [1]


Rescuing Romania's forest, Oct 28 [2]

How nature turned a failed communist plan into Bucharest's unique urban park, Jun 14 [3]


People build bridge out of plastic bottles in Romanian city, July 24 [4]

European bison to roam the forests of Romania after 200 years, May 21 [5]


The PRAIS Foundation, an organization in Romania, in partnership with the Romanian Ministry of Environment and the National Environmental Guard and other partners, have confirmed that they have planted over eleven million trees through the national tree planting movement 'Millions of People, Millions of Trees'.

"The PRAIS Foundation is very proud that the movement is formally recognized by UNEP, and has become part of the Plant for Planet global initiative", Silvia Bucur, the President of the PRAIS Foundation. [6] March 30

Campaigns[edit | edit source]



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Wikipedia: Romania

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