This page contains information on passive solar designs from the Parras 2006 program.

Small skylights[edit | edit source]

  • Description: This is a picture of two small skylights used to light a windowless hallway. They function as two bright lights would throughout the day and don't allow much of the sun's heat in through the thick glass.
  • Location: This is at my house on calle Andres Viesca
  • Justification: This is a great means of saving energy, and using the plentiful sunlight that is already there, while minimally changing the temperature of the room.
  • Issues: The family is in the habit of turning light switches on as they walk into a room. Sometimes the light in between the skylights is on at high noon, merely a habit that's easy to break with awareness.
Passive solar.JPG

Shuttered windows[edit | edit source]

  • Description: Used for natural lighting, natural ventilation, and temperature control. Shutters are closed during hot days to prevent warming by the sun and opened in the cool evenings to allow for ventilation and natural lighting. In cold months, shutters are open during the day to allow sunlight in and closed at night to prevent heat from escaping.
  • Location: En mi casa en la calle Rayon
  • Justification as Appropriate: Shutters conserve energy; are easily reparable using local labor; are economical to install, use, and maintain; and suit the local building style.
  • Issues with the Appropriateness: While the shuttered windows popular in Parras are great for the warm seasons, most windows lose heat rapidly and are not as appropriate for the cold months.
  • Notes: Many windows in Parras are oriented to courtyards shaded by trees in summer. These trees lose their leaves in winter, allowing more sunlight to reach the windows.

Natural lighting and light Reflecting Paint[edit | edit source]

  • Description: Construction utilizing natural lighting as well as white paint to reflect a large part of the sun's heat.
  • Location: Second story room, Fernando Viesca #2-5 Col. Jardines del Marquez
  • Justification as Appropriate: Without using any extra energy, the need for lights and heating/cooling is greatly diminished.
  • Issues with the Appropriateness: The construction materials likely don't follow the appropriate guidelines. The walls are constructed of cement blocks and the paint is likely composed of harmful chemicals.
  • Contact: Jaime or Claudia; Phone: 442.0960

Hanging clothes on the line[edit | edit source]

  • Description: Hanging clothes on the line to dry them instead of using a drier.
  • Location: In my backyard in Parras.
  • Justification as Appropriate: I consider hanging clothes out to dry AT because it´s sustainable, using only the sun, easy to do, it doesn´t harm the environment.
  • Issues with the Appropriateness:I think it meets the definitions of AT, if it rains you can hang it outside, but you can get a rack for inside drying.
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