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Solar cooking resources in Nepal

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Wikipedia: Nepal, Forests: 25.4% of Nepal's land area, or about 36,360 km2 (14,039 sq mi) is covered with forest according to FAO figures from 2005. The 2000-2005 true deforestation rate in Nepal, defined as the loss of primary forest, is -0.4% or 70 km2 (27 sq mi) per year.

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Nepal Communitere on facebook, in Kathmandu

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Empower Generation: Women Are Leading The Energy Revolution In Nepal, Jan 29 [1]


Clean Energy Training & Solar Comes To Nepal UNESCO Heritage Site, Jun 10 [2]


Nepal: Taking On The Challenge Of Climate Change, [3] September 1. Climate change is a hot topic in Nepal now as studies show that many people in the country are facing hunger due to frequent droughts and melting glaciers are also threatening millions.


Bleak Outlook for Environment in Kathmandu Valley - Concerted Effort Needed to Check Negative Impacts. [4] January 25


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Wikipedia: Nepal

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