Description[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this page is to discuss comments/concerns about implementing infoboxes on Appropedia pages.

Comments & Concerns[edit | edit source]

  • 2 Liter Winnower
    • EDITS: added status, added keywords, updated intended use, changed to not made (did not find evidence of model/prototype, just design)
  • 3-D printable solar charger
    • EDITS: added keywords, added status, added more SDGS
    • CONCERN: intended use --> development and industry work but this could be used at home as well (not really hobbyism though)--> added "individual use" (open to changing--> maybe personal device?)
  • 3D Print Speculum
    • EDITS: added status, shortened description, added to intended use, added keywords
  • 3D Printable Cider Press
    • EDITS: added status, changed description, changed intended use, added keywords, changed to 'made'

To expedite editing, I will no longer list simple edits made, only concerns...

  • Bike rack
    • Concern: this page does not have any design files, images, or design descriptions, so I listed the project status as an "Idea" rather than "Design" (no evidence of a design)
  • Dust Mask
    • Concern: This page has the following status levels listed: designed, prototyped, deployed, modeled, verified. I do not see evidence of anything past prototyped, so I removed deployed and verified. (Open to changing this back).
  • Minnow Trap
    • Design files not present/ no evidence of a prototype. There is a CAD image, but no file. I removed prototype status and listed as open design; however, should I change to idea?
  • Micro Lathe
    • There are two pages from the same creator; I edited the one with more information... should we delete the other?
    • Resolved: Similar to the modular hand held arm pages (discussed below), I included a link to the more complete design in the preliminary design's description
  • Modular Coral Regrowth Post
    • All of the image/file links are broken :/
    • Can we contact creator? Seems like a very interesting and important design!
    • For now, I do not have a development stage listed.
  • Spoon Fork Knife
    • I find the wording used to be prejudiced of developing countries. Not all developing countries only eat with their hands.
  • Starter Handle
    • Design files/prototype pictures are not included, so I'm giving "idea" status

General Comments[edit | edit source]

  • I have focused on editing/adding to description, intended use, keywords, development stage, made, and SDGs.
  • Intended uses that I added: agriculture, transportation, medical, shelter, energy, cooking
  • It is helpful to have a concise description
    • should be an edited down version of the abstract rather than the entire abstract
  • There should be proof of prototype existence (ie photo of print) to be given prototype status
  • There should be proof of outside verification and/or data from creator's tests to be given verified status
  • Made-Independently
    • To clarify, this means that someone other than the creator made the technology using the creator's design
    • Most of the pages have been incorrect
    • We should consider adding definition on form page.
  • SDG category
    • I noticed there was a change in the form-- you can now select goals from drop down menu (ie "SDG01")
    • Prior to this, I had been writing goals in longhand (ie "Sustainable Development Goal 1")
    • Will this be an issue in distinguishing all of the projects that fall under specific goals?
    • Issue tested: The SDG09 category does not add to the SDG09 Industry innovation and infrastructure project list; however, SDG11 adds to the SDG11 Sustainable cities and communities project list
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