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Keywords food, cook book, healthy
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals SDG03 Good health and well-being
Published by Lonny Grafman
Published 2011
License CC BY-SA 3.0
Affiliations Humboldt State University
Locally Delicious
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Location Arcata, California

Students in Introduction to Design (Engr215), at Humboldt State University, worked with Locally Delicious to design, build, test and disseminate projects that support healthy lifestyles among youths grades 4th through 6th and their families. Building on the success of Locally Delicious' last cook book, they are creating a new cookbook, named Lunchbox Envy, created with and for youth, families and schools across the United States. The cookbook will be replete with supporting projects, such as the ones below.

Project Gallery[edit | edit source]

Project table[edit | edit source]

Lab Team Project scope Project type Project page
1 Fugees and Fujis Kids with Adult Help Solar dehydrator Locally Delicious solar dehydrator for kids with adult supervision
2 Garden Gnome Coalition (GGC) Kids with Adult Help Garden addition Locally Delicious garden addition for kids and adults
2 Team Universal Research & Design Kids with Adult Help Solar oven Locally Delicious solar oven for kids with adults
1 Solar Sous Chefs Kids Alone Solar oven Locally Delicious solar oven for kids
1 Onychophora Kids Alone Worm bin Locally Delicious Kids Worm Bin
2 Tandemonium School Human powered blender Locally Delicious rowing machine blender for schools
1 SodHoppers School Solar dehydrator Locally Delicious school solar dehydrator
1 Sprouting Education School Garden addition Locally Delicious school garden
1 Operation S.O.S. School Solar oven Locally Delicious School Solar Oven
2 Team Organic Flapjacks School Worm bin Locally Delicious Worm Bin for School

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