Appropedia's log of notable changes (latest on top):

2023[edit | edit source]

December[edit | edit source]

November[edit | edit source]

  • Fix internal PHP errors and warnings due to update to PHP 8.2
  • Simplify and improve quiz score saving
  • Highlight relevant video annotations as the video progresses, see Template:Video
  • Add support for annotations for local videos and videos hosted at Commons, see Template:Video

October[edit | edit source]

September[edit | edit source]

August[edit | edit source]

July[edit | edit source]

June[edit | edit source]

May[edit | edit source]

April[edit | edit source]

March[edit | edit source]

February[edit | edit source]

January[edit | edit source]

2022[edit | edit source]

December[edit | edit source]

November[edit | edit source]

  • Track custom events in Google Analytics 4
  • Set allowed values for Property:SDG and fix 100+ pages with typos in their SDGs
  • Add location filter to user search
  • Fix backend errors and warnings
  • Distribute map locations in pages of no more than 50 locations to avoid excessive geocoding requests to Open Street Map
  • Improve UX and UI based on Hotjar recordings
  • Update, simplify and organize MediaWiki:Common.css
  • Delete old temp files and backups to free disk space
  • Create Template:Search and start to link it from databoxes
  • Simplify sidebar by moving some links to footer
  • mw:Extension:Page Forms deprecated and no longer used except for the #arraymap parser function, see Special:Forms
  • Improve search filters, see Special:Search
  • Track and fix misc fatal errors that were bringing down the server
  • Install to monitor server performance

October[edit | edit source]

Previous[edit | edit source]

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