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Check this page for changes or clarifications in policy and best practice. Also learn about handy templates, tools, tips and site features. Add new items at the top.

August 2012 - launching News for editors:

  • Mass corrections: Tell an admin if there's a correction to be made on more than a handful of wiki pages, they can do this using Special:ReplaceText - e.g. common misspellings.
  • Semantic MediaWiki - can be seen in action at Medical devices. (Needed: a simple example of "how you can use Semantic MediaWiki on Appropedia.)
  • Using Firefox? Try the AppropediaFox extension.
  • Widgets let you embed a video or spreadsheet, display a blog feed, and more.
  • Want to create a notice on a wiki page? The templates {{notice}} and {{slim notice}} allow you to create a notice with any text, color and width. (You can even choose rounded or square corners.)
  • Give credit - put the {{attrib}} tag at the bottom of a page where you've used open-licensed content from elsewhere. (Follow the link for usage.)
  • Is a table of contents messing up the layout of your page? Insert {{TOC right}} to put it on the right hand side - place it at the point where you want the table of contents to start. Text will wrap around on the left.

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