Immediate[edit | edit source]

  1. Review structure based on ZeroCovid, see if there are pages that do not hang from the index and relocating their contents, and marking pages for deletion using the template {{Delete}}. DONE.
  2. Wait for someone to delete the marked pages. O:-)
  3. Ensure consistency in headers, category, links to the page in the other language, etc. DONE.
  4. Translate the main page. IN PROGRESS.
  5. Check that the English structure is complete.
  6. Check consistency in headers, categories, and links to the other language page.
  7. Rename CO2 to include space and delete as appropriate. Idem with Europe in Spanish (redirects, and should not even exist).
  8. Develop Ideas. Projects? Priorities?

Candidates for "immediate".:

  • Taking things off the main page and putting them on secondary pages? The main one seems to me to be quite loaded, and it's a bit scary. There is a lot of theory, and the practice is less and that is exactly what is missing and what we should encourage.
  • Images with compatible licenses, for tuners and ear savers; concepts such as guitars, harps, and ukuleles; etc.
  • In practice, to make visible the designs that could be produced in Spain as part of the campaign with Libresdecovid:
    • Adjusters, to be greatly improved with mass use and manufacturing in mind.
    • Filters and ventilation... possibly pointing to existing designs, but there is one we would like permission to import.
    • CO2 meters there are many, apparently, but it would be good to choose the simplest.
  • The "Reduce" and "Needs and Systems" strategies need drawings.
  • Sectors and territories need a lot of help.
  • There was a design of a machine for making masks. (Twitter somosrim?). It would be nice to know what happened and give it a little push if possible. And ICU-grade LibreMask. Designs that we will have to see how they are industrialized: Aerosol pandemic/Manufacture.

Specific pages[edit | edit source]

Territories[edit | edit source]

  • Europe and Europa. The idea would be to work in English but it is good that there is a link from our language... and there may be European actions arising from our language.
  • Spain. See how much is possible to bring from the document I did with Libres de Covid, which I think was quite general.
  • Canarias.

Sectors[edit | edit source]

  • Education
  • Health care
  • Transportation
  • Places of public concurrence

English[edit | edit source]

  • Add "Translation of this page into English" on the main page of /ZeroCovid.
  • Mirror structure: let /Ventilar and /Ventilate point to each other.

Images[edit | edit source]

  • Find usable images. From stringed musical instruments to masks etc.
  • Making images for concepts: needs and systems sheet.
  • Upload them to Appropedia.
  • And format that.
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