"Isolation" refers to "cases":

  • People with disease (symptoms).
  • People with the virus (PCR type tests).
  • People capable of infecting others (antigen-like tests).


  • Population: wastewater.
  • Symptoms:
    • Olfaction. Fever.
    • Others.
    • Persistent Covid.
  • Epidemic context: personal (I know that in my environment there are people with similar or positive symptoms), epidemiology (epidemiological intelligence informs me that there are cases nearby, with different degree of geographical disaggregation: country... street).
  • Tests:
    • PCR, individual or pooled.
    • Antigens, rapid tests.


  • Soon.
  • Enough duration. Exit sooner with negative tests.
  • Well done. Possibly outside the residence.
  • Facilitated: practice and logistics. Offer help, ask for help. Books etc., food, dog, work, caring for dependents.
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