It is possible to reduce the risk in a territory by installing "fences" between territories to stop the virus or new variants to enter territories with lower incidence or no incidence.

Factors for design[edit | edit source]

Geography and practical posibilities for limiting inflow of people.

Compulsory versus voluntary: border closure, zone closure, etc. Scenarios. Exceptions.

Number of people who go through the border each day.

Duration of quarantine.

Using diagnostic tests to shorten quarantine.

Types of fence. See Tomas Pueyo, references at bottom of this page.

Preexisting laws or protocols.

Economic cost.

Other posible costs: dependency, geopolitics, etc.

  • The case of Europe.
  • The case of tourist zones.

Experience in some countries and regions[edit | edit source]


New Zealand




European islands: Baleares, Canarias, Azores, Madeira.

Advantages[edit | edit source]

If the strategy is successful:

  • reintroductions of old variants will be avoided.
  • introduction of new variants will be avoided.

If small zones are used, the process is faster than with larger zones. Covid has the k variable which means a number of people don't pass it on to others and we can take advantage of that.

Dificulties and limitations[edit | edit source]

Some zones are difficult to fence.

Relationship with other measures[edit | edit source]

Diagnostic tests.

Quarantine with dedicated hotels and support.

Apps. Taiwan: "fork the government", podcast and articles. Ways to make sure the phone doesn't leave the quarantine facilities. Paying those who do the quarantine. Fine because of breaching national security laws.

Masks, ventilation, etc. As the Australian experience teaches, quarantine facilities need to have certain characteristics.

Improving the system[edit | edit source]

The experience in Taiwan.

Discussions in Australia.

Long stay tourism.

Internal tourism.

References[edit | edit source]

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