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We start from the actual resources existing at this time. What ideas, including ideas that facilitate the implementation of ideas, can enable us to improve mitigation and even qualify for elimination? Let's gather ideas and process them into reality. If you are not an Appropedia editor, you may contact or Thanks.

Idea collections[edit | edit source]

Concrete ideas[edit | edit source]

  • Adjusters
  • is preparing something. Contact to find out.
  • - How to go from prototype to mass production? What exactly is stopping us? Specific machinery? Economic incentive? Regulations?
  • Sri #BetterMasks - do for Spain/Europe. Join with consumer associations, or find out if the work is already done.
  • Ver qué ideas tendría la gente de - contact them. Ventilate and Filter have things. But, in the short term, what do we do? Home anemometers with tapes that inform us that there is "a bit of air", and office clips to give weight so that the tape moves only if there is sufficient airflow? Little bells?
  • @jljcolorado: People*time*volume calculators? Are there ways to visualize that so we can get it through our eyes and _see_? How?
  • If you put a fan near the door/window, pointing where?
  • Sleepbreeze... Sleepbreeze was a fan with a tube (like from the outlet of a dryer) with holes. It distributes the blowing... Or the vacuuming of the diners? Ask @GLM_BCN and @aireamos. Some engineering is needed here. And "maker" experiments. Coming soon.

Ideas processing[edit | edit source]

Each idea can be processed under these headings:

  • Detailed description: what the idea consists of. Include links if any.
  • Advantages: who wins, what wins, what is already done, who can help, what wind is blowing in our favor.
  • Disadvantages: who loses, what loses, what is difficult, who can resist, what goes against the idea.
  • Questions: what does it remind us of, what intrigues us, what other ideas come to mind when we see this one.
  • Micro-actions: how can we move forward, what could we solve, who to contact, etc.
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