Doable short term goal[edit | edit source]

We haven't yet manufactured what's needed to control covid. Because vaccines & tests (rapid & wastewater) are pharmaceutical products, they fall outside Appropedia.

But that still leaves us with much better masks, and with ventilation and filtration guided by measuring CO2. Explaining the science and the DIY options is not expensive.

And the demand is huge: possibly more than half of the world, even in rich countries. We could pay for this to happen, for the protection of ourselves and our families.

Better braces for all who want them[edit | edit source] and others. Links to research and options. Plans to make it viral and abundant.

Elastomeric respirators[edit | edit source]

Question 1: What is the price of a decent pair of shoes in a country who sits at the median in the distribution of wealth, GDP or some other accepted measure?

Question 2: What is the price of one per person for the whole planet, and filters for a year? And for for 1% of the world population (say healthcare workers etc)?

Question 3: Who has manufacturing capacity in the world? Say those who make goggles for swimmers, or "facemasks" for asthma, etc?

Question 4: Who is talking about this, and where can the conversation happen?

Replies kindly collected at using hashtag #ppe4world

Indoor air quality[edit | edit source]

Corsi Rosenthal boxes & CO2 meters. Science for ventilation.

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