TRIZ a Russian acronym, literally: "theory of the resolution of invention-related tasks") is "a problem-solving, analysis and forecasting tool derived from the study of patterns of invention in the global patent literature". TRIZ relies on 40 inventive principles.

Exercise[edit | edit source]

Online students please just do the exercise for any two principles on your own. To give this a try as an engineering student please do the following:

  1. Form groups of 2
  2. Each group of 2 will be quasi-randomly assigned 2 principles and attempt to apply it to forecasting obvious inventions for future and (possibly) existing 3-D printer technologies. For more information on your principle click here Each member take 1 principle to start.
  3. Go to your principle page using the link below put in a dividing line using 4 - signs, and have both partners sign with 4 tildes. List at least twenty-five ways to make a novel 3-D printer for each of your principles. If ideas are already on the page - list 25 NEW ideas. Do not read the old ones first.
  4. Switch with your partner then repeat.
  5. TRIZ uses this technical contradiction matrix, you can use these technical problems to find problems for your solutions:
    1. improve resolution (atomic)
    2. improve print speed (instantaneous)
    3. enhance material availability (all)
    4. reduce parts of the printer (1?)
    5. reduce costs of printer (free)
    6. reduce costs of materials (free)
    7. make it easier to use (McDonald's screen)
    8. make it easier to assemble (self)
    9. make it easier to maintain (none, unbreakable, self healing)
    10. make fully assembled products (anything - computer, car, smartphone, dinner)
    11. use functional printing materials (e.g. electronics)
    12. reduce waste (zero)
    13. use less energy (zero or ambient)
    14. quieter printing (soundless)
    15. ubiquitous printing (everywhere)
    16. print smaller (nanoscale)
    17. print bigger (apartment complex, Great Wall of China, planet?)
    18. enable auto calibration
    19. enable auto leveling
    20. enable auto monitoring
    21. enable quality control
    22. enable real-time feedback
    23. make it safer (infant approved)
    24. make is smell good (designer imposters?)
    25. make it from current waste products (CO2, flyash, spent fuel rods?)

Obvious ideas[edit | edit source]

Discussion[View | Edit]

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