== Composite Materials ==

Zmchenie (talk) 19:06, 1 December 2015 (PST)Zach Chenier

  1. Improves printer part strength
  2. Replace aluminum rods with carbon fiber rods
  3. Lighter and more durable printer so it can be more transportable
  4. Two nozzles for different materials (wood&glue)
  5. Improves print quality with lighter parts
  6. Less breakdowns with stronger parts
  7. Carbon fiber base plate eliminates breaking when removing prints
  8. polished aluminum carriage guides
  9. stainless steel journal bearings
  10. printable heat resistant base plate
  11. replace wood pieces with fiberglass
  12. carbon fiber hardware
  13. lexan print bed
  14. ptfe print bed
  15. peek print bed
  16. zytel print bed
  17. jesmonite framework
  18. braided fiberglass tapes to replace the belts
  19. carbon fiber framework
  20. aluminum hardware
  21. carbon fiber spool mount
  22. heat resistant extruder end
  23. copper alloy nozzle
  24. two extruder ends to print epoxy for assemblies
  25. marble base plate
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