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* Fill in sections of google doc for syringe pump paper - email Bas and I all figs.
* Fill in sections of google doc for syringe pump paper - email Bas and I all figs.
* write this[[Digital mass protocol]]
* <s>write this[[Digital mass protocol]]</s>
* write this [[Motor force protocol]]
* <s>write this [[Motor force protocol]]</s>

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Sunhusky.png By Michigan Tech's Open Sustainability Technology Lab.

Wanted: Students to make a distributed future with solar-powered open-source 3-D printing.
Currently looking for PhD or MSC student interested in solar energy policy- apply now!
Contact Dr. Joshua Pearce - Apply here

MOST: Projects & Publications, Methods, Lit. reviews, People, Sponsors, News
Updates: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube


  • Please complete the task and either 1) hyperlink to the page in our Appropedia space or 2) email Dr. Pearce and cross off the result
  • Update task list every Wednesday by midnight.


  • project writing



  • respond to ethical filament standards
  • Software/firmware metal printer improve
  • After Emily takes first pass on paper - go through it (Tuesday)
  • HDPE prints experiments

Near term

  • linear_actuator:MOST
    • linear actuator stage w/game control - microscope -Science
  • Document the new design of the recyclebot and its operation-- main page Recyclebot - new designs here Recyclebot_v3.0, put images, detailed instructions for build and operate.
  • Background research on PETE -- its melting point is a lot hotter than what we have worked with - will be a challenge
  • custom reprap with high T extruder
  • print awesome parts
  • print mech tests components
  • PLA fractions experiment
  • print weak elec. material
  • large bot build/bed level/automate
  • resurrect trinity





Near term

* new glass etch - print Dr. Frost - verify - make sure it works on our own for PLA on normal glass

- The best recipe we have is:
- 1. clean slide with ethanol (200 proof is what we used)
- 2. soak in neat  [3-92-aminoethylamino)propyl]trimethoxysilane for 15 min.
- 3. rinse with toluene
- 4. let dry under ambient conditions over night



Near term

  • start background on Automated microscope stage literature review - fill in spec sheet comparison chart with costs and do a lit. search on the instrumentation -- look for things like applications, etc.
  • Create Spec sheet for the line of MOST OS automated microscope stage
  • meet with Dr. Heiden's group, C404 noon


  • Bread board your circuit so you can get going with the spooler -- we are building a mill to so we may be able to do your board in house.
  • cross out what you have done below
  • send me your order for the washers
  • Build the commercial recyclebot and test with packet of pellets -write a short protocol on how to use it with links to its website -- example: [1]
  • Then test 100% PLA from the open bag
  • Look up properties of the PLA for all bags and post here with references PLA for 3-D printing:MOST
  • Mass a collection of 10 mech test strips let me know the value
  • Make 10 samples of filament of ~0.5kg each from 1 to 100% c-PLA
  • Learn 3D printing from Ben
  • Make 10 samples for each filament fraction mech test strips
  • Learn mech testing from Bas
  • Pull the 100 samples
  • Make one pretty graph - submit for prize



  • review the tech specs for ethical filament standards send me comments/TCs
  • schedule/meet with Pat - see what is next
  • review stuff here - particularly build instructions and improve Open-source_metal_3-D_printer
  • order parts and make all metal MOST delta stage

Near term

  • collect data on delta 4 printing energy use for example product - I will send full list with paper outline
  • design and build table clamp for Nature stage
  • Nature -- develop protocols as a OS 3-D scientific platform: shaker, orbital shaker, mini shake table, particle size sorter, chem reactions, auto pippetter - work with Bas and Chenlong
  • write but dont post conversion of MOST delta to stage
    • write up BOM, instructions MOST delta stage
  • work with Bas to get fluid handling down by coupling syringe with stage

Ideas for later

    • talk to silabond see if they have anything useful
    • Methods paper on evaluating 3D printer materials - Nature/ Nature Materials
    • antigravity printing - space fabrication - top space journal?
    • zero waste laser/LED curing - Journal of cleaner production - can also take LCA route with David S.
    • surface finish printing - need killer app for this - then target the app
    • orthotics - with scanner - medical journal w. Mark
    • Effect of environment on print quality with exotic media
    • Silabond experiments
  • linear actuator stage w/game control - microscope -Science
  • Printing for Paul
    • methods paper on distributed casting - RepRap Journal
    • metal printer/ metal parts for it and Ga printing [2] or this [3]
  • inkject conductivity --Sci/Nature
  • pushme pullyou servo
  • glass fiber, sugar
  • WQI
  • work with portage
  • metal welder printer
  • possible PV characterization with Barbara



near term



  • Ensure all parts ordered for and start the page for 4 Point Probe:MOST
    • on the page put in the background material what is a 4 point probe, what does it do, how good does it have to be for our application
    • make a table of existing 4 point probes, costs, sources, specs -- use Emily's work on the syringe pump as an example

Near term

  • help Bas build 4 point probe
  • T up every experimental apparatus and write protocol for experiments when Ankit is done with simulations write appropedia "how to" pages for the following
    • Finish silver dep tests/protocol
    • start ITO tests/protocol
    • start litho tests/protocol
    • fix FIB protocol
  • Do it.


  • model eye glasses
  1. syringe stay+custom
  2. tube+ pump+ custom
  3. syringe clip/remove+custom
    • script customization

  • Labjack 2 -- determine looseness problem
    • Pat size
  • finish filter changer case
  • nip/pin flip stage
  • solar cell probe


  • forestry data logger
  • Forest service PV system design-- appropedia summary page so others can copy - BOM, wiring, how to access data etc.


Dr. Pearce

(W= waiting on reply) (add to bottom of list before waiting/triggers)

Meeting times Thurs

  • 9 - Ben
  • 10 - Chenlong
  • 11
  • 12 - Bas/Emily
  • 1 - Jephias
  • 2 - Joseph



To do

  • revise ethical filament standards draft
  • saba's paper
  • page for Ecuador
  • first run at delta 4 biz paper

Pending Projects

open design

spectral pv

Open source hardware projects