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Engr305 Appropriate Technology potential projects

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Engineering 305 (Engr 305), Appropriate Technology, is a course on appropriate technology at Humboldt State University taught by instructor Lonny Grafman.

Selected projects for Spring Semester 2017

Please also see the related projects notes under potential projects as well.

PS We might change these names later, depending on the how the scope gets adapted and how we integrate into the past projects.

Potential projects for Spring Semester 2017

The following is a list of potential projects. Talk to me about more.

Projects at CCAT

  • CCAT kiosk stand [1-2 people]
  • Data logging [1-2 people]
    • Solar first and then greenhouse
  • Rainwater upgrade [2-3 people]
    • Resizing, labeling, gutter, testing, cleaning, pumping
  • Dehumidifying the greenhouse [1-2 people]
  • Natural paint project [1-4 people]
    • Descending priorities: Downstairs, Living room east wall, dining room, kitchen, then rest of living room
  • Updating the earthbag garden terrace plasters [1-2 people] (high priority)
  • Testing and upgrading chillbox [1-2 people]
    • maybe moving it to the wall
  • New Compost [2-3 people]
  • Upgrade solar kiosk [1-2 people]
  • Greywater redesign [2-4 people]

Project with Jefferson Community Center

Projects with Bart

More Projects

Projects at Bayside Park Farm

Projects at Sanctuary Arcata

Project with Zero Waste Humboldt

  • Reusable bag construction and analysis
    • design and build reusable bags out of durable, recycled (or otherwise appropriate) material(s)
    • determine if their bags last longer than bags marketed as reusable.
    • compare at least three different repeatable alternatives and provide analysis of materials, energy inputs and pollution potentials.

Project with Humboldt County of Education

  • Bike power class with at-risk youth in Eureka
    • Humboldt State University students will have an opportunity to serve the community and work with at risk youth in building upon student strengths in hands on practical life skills. Two students will provide a 50 minute elective class at the Lincoln Therapeutic Learning Classroom once per week. The project will focus on developing electricity from bicycle power. HSU students will develop curriculum and implement the elective class under the supervision of the classroom teacher, classroom specialists, and on-site administration. The Lincoln Therapeutic Learning Classroom (TLC) is located in Eureka, CA at the Lincoln school site. The Lincoln TLC consists of 5 students with a focus on socio-emotional, academic, and practical life skills.
    • Other project options including developing an edible garden and papermaking project.
    • Fingerprinting clearance for HSU Environmental Engineering students and all supplies will be covered by the Humboldt County Office of Education.

Personal projects