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Published 2014
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News and comment[edit | edit source]


Mangroves and incomes flourish as Sri Lanka's women promote conservation – in pictures, Jul 26 [1]


Sri Lanka first nation to protect all mangrove forests, May 12 [2]


Sri Lanka commissioning its first solar power plant which can generate 500kw of electricity, [3] August 26


2010 SEED Award Winners: The "Rural Enterprise Network (REN)" aims at linking small-scale farmers to input-output markets through improved product quality, access to market information and the establishment of a common brand. By organizing producers in a network of organic agro- and food processing enterprises, the farmers will benefit from joint marketing services. [4] November 3


2009 SEED Award Winners: "Solar energy, education & fishing". National and international NGOs, with the cooperation of public authorities, are working to expand the use of an alternative lighting system in rural villages, through the replacement of kerosene lamps with solar panels. [5] May 12


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