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SDG13 Climate action

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Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate action

Appropedia projects contributing to this SDG[edit]

Affordable and strong plastic grinder
Sugar water bee feeder
IMG 0560.jpg
a solar panel that produces enough energy to charge a smaller battery or a device
Hive Full.jpg
Honey Forge for bees that are constantly losing their natural habitat.
LaYucaRainwaterCatchment2012 WaterSampleForTesting.jpg
The objective of this project is to provide inexpensive potable water and water for cleaning to the local school in La Yuca, Santo Domingo by use of rainwater catchment. Replacing purchased water with captured water may allow funds to be allocated for other important services.
No image.svg
The posts are of a modular design, and can be built up to allow for more coral to be placed on a single vertical post. The rods slide through the post, and with string tied to the holes on each rod, are tied to the coral so it doesn't move. A weight is tied to the lowest rod in order to keep the vertical posts in place and prevent them from floating.
This project was intended to remove soldering fumes from the air.
This project aims to fill the need for a small item that can be placed in a car, which serves the purpose of clearing snow and large ice from windows.
MSB waterpod.jpg
Create a way to help with the energy needs of the barge using a renewable source of energy. The team decided on using a wind turbine hoping to create enough power to add a sufficient amount of energy to the WaterPod battery banks.