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Type Nonprofit organization
Founded 2007
Founders Bill McKibben
Phil Aroneanu
Will Bates
Jamie Henn
Jeremy Osborn
Location Brooklyn, New York
Area served 188 countries
Site 350.org
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350.org is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization that is dedicated to solving the climate change crisis by eliminating the use of fossil fuels around the world. It is committed to pursuing 100% renewable energy goals to ensure a safe climate and better future for all people. This grassroots climate movement is rooted in science and driven by justice to build a global network through online campaigns, mass public actions, and other grassroots organizing strategies.

History[edit | edit source]

Author Bill McKibben and group of university students from Middlebury College, Phil Aroneanu, Will Bates, Jamie Henn, and Jeremy Osborn, founded 350.org in 2007-2008. The name "350" came from the concept that 350 parts per million is the safe concentrated amount carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere.

Based upon a belief that climate change is the most important issue that faces humanity, the organization began planning coordinated days of action in 2009. Early events included International Day of Climate Action in 2009, the Global Work Party in 2010, Moving Planet in 2011, and Climate Impacts Day in 2012.

Since those initial efforts, 350.org has expanded to work in at least 188 countries to shut down coal power plants, move away from fossil fuels, and educate the public about the benefits and potential of 100% renewable energy. Volunteers and staff members from all over the world comprise the current 350.org team, staff, and board. 350.org has a primary physical office in Brooklyn, New York.

Goals[edit | edit source]

To pursue its 100% renewable energy goals, 350.org aims to keep carbon in the ground, build an equitable low-carbon economy, and make governments limit emissions. It envisions community-led energy solutions, a ban on all new coal, oil, and gas projects, and eliminating all financing for fossil fuel companies. The 350.org organization looks for bold and creative strategies, fights for justice among all people, values caring for communities, and prioritizes collaboration and transparency.

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

350.org is an action-based nonprofit that depends upon campaigns, projects, and local groups to accomplish its mission. Interested parties can search the organization's website to learn about meetings and events in their areas. The website lists campaigns and actions happening around the world, as well as resources to help individuals organize against the climate crisis, such as templates, scientific facts, guides trainings photos, and videos. 350.org also accepts public donations to support its mission and has received sizable contributions from major foundations and wealthy donors in the past. On the nonprofit's website, users will also find topical updates about fossil fuels and climate change-related news.

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