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SDG11 Sustainable cities and communities

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Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

Appropedia projects contributing to this SDG[edit]

Winnowing is a process to remove lighter particles of chaff, dirt, etc from grain and other products typically by throwing it into the air and blowing air on it.
A customizable open-source PV racking concept is designed, prototyped for three types of modules, constructed into systems, and outdoor tested under extreme conditions for one year. An economic analysis is provided along with a technical evaluation of the system.
In order to ensure appropriate spacing and well oriented array these open-source photovoltaic spacers can be printed. The design has been created to be parametric in OpenSCAD so this design can be used for any conventional array.
This is a solar charger or an emergency light. It runs on a 6660 mAh battery.
This speculum takes a different design that current production models to eliminate the need for pivot hardware or large joints. The open jaw design allows for greater operating and inspection area.
Simple Press Screw.jpg
The goal of the 3D-printable cider press is to provide an affordable means of efficiently pressing cider. With scaled-up designs, the press can be used to produce enough product to sell excess not used for subsistence.
Goniometers are simple devices used to measure the angular range of motion of human limbs. A 3D printed goniometer can be more durable than a commercial one. With the 3D printed version being so extremely cheap, patients can be provided their own goniometers to monitor their own range of motion, thus reducing expensive doctor's visits.
This project was to replicate the already produced gravity light into the 3D Printed and open source world.
An otoscope is simple device used in the diagnosis of ear, nose, and throat diseases.
Completed shoe.jpeg
Open source design files provided for 3D printing of open-toed shoes. It is estimated that two billion people worldwide are currently plagued with parasitic diseases that could be prevented by wearing proper footwear.
One inexpensive way to add iron to a person's diet is to boil water for cooking with a lump of iron for 10 minutes before adding any food. Lucky iron totems composition must be monitored to ensure that toxic levels of elements are not going to be absorbed by the food cooked in the boiled water.
Lloxner 3Dfoot.png
3D printable prosthetic foot design
Overall Prototype.JPG
This article provides a detailed how to for construction and use of this bailer as well has some design. A discussion on the application of this system and its bales is also included as well as a brief introduction to alternative machines.
Alm Retractor.jpg
3D printed Alm retractor
This Effector for a column delta printer, like the MOST delta RepRap allows different hotend nozzle sizes to be used
Bamboo joint 1.jpg
This is a Bamboo Joint model that can be used in building bamboo houses, rooms or any sort of suspended pavilions.
They are done!.JPG
By building garden beds and growing within a controlled environment will make the plants grow healthier and also will prevent toxic chemicals from leaching their way into whatever will be grown in the beds.
Final final.jpg
Die "Waschen & Spülen" ist ein umweltwissenschaftliches Projekt der Humboldt State Universität, welches durch Jeffrey Steuben, Annie Welbes und Tim Dower realisiert und in der Toilette im Untergeschoss des CCAT umgesetzt wurde. Es handelt sich um eine Modifikation der Toilette, die es dem Benutzer ermöglicht Wasser zu sparen, in dem das Abwasser des Händewasschens zum Spülen der Toilette wieder verwendet wird.
This project is designed to give a basic understanding to anyone who may be interested in the mechanics involved in converting the energy of wind into electrical energy. This is a basic knowledge that could spark interest in others and initiate further study.
Test Wall Frame.jpg
This brick footing serves to keep natural plasters and infill material from coming in direct contact with the ground
This set reduces the cost of gardening tools not only by using cheap material, but also because it is only necessary to have one handle as the different heads can be interchanged
3 stage communal water filter.png
Makala hii inahusika na uundaji wa mfumo wa kuchuja maji wa gharama nafuu sana. Uchujaji maji unaweza kufanyika kama kuna njia chache ama hakuna kabisa njia mbadala za kupata maji safi toka vyanzo vingine kama vile maji ya mvua, maji ya ardhini (na sio yatembeayo juu ya ardhi)
A 3D printable brace that can be used to treat children born with club foot.
Compact, cheap commodes could be used in disaster relief operations, hospitals, and households.
No image.svg
This OSAT prototype is a community comment box where members can drop in comments that can not be removed other than by removing the lock from the back.
Toilet seats and hinges are an overlooked item in the modern world. A proper seat and hinge provides support for when nature calls. This item may be used in a composting toilet aplication.
ConcreteTrowel 1.jpg
This trowel would help fulfill the needs of affordable tools for concrete and interior work on houses and buildings in developing countries.
Cotton extractor(yarn maker).jpg
Cotton obtained from the farm can be extracted into yarn with this tool.
The final goal of this project was to provide a refuge for homeless senior citizens within the compound of the Parras Desarollo Integral de la Familia (DIF) so that they can find shelter and companionship, as integration of the family and community is an important part of the Parras culture.
The DIF wanted to construct a space for the viejitos of Parras who do not have families to be able to relax and enjoy a meal and the company of others, and enlisted the help of the HSU Parras program.
OPURDew Roof.jpg
This work offers a primer to the topic of AWVPs, and a description of how to build a dew collection rig. Unfortunately, dewfall is not currently recorded in most standard meteorological archives; so the next step for this project is to offer a reliable means of regional assessment that is accessible to a layman.
Relief Platform 1.jpg
Simple and easy to produce, temporary housing platform to to aid in living conditions after a natural disaster
Drop spindle.jpg
The Drop Spindle is an ancient tool used for spinning fibers such as wool, cotton, flax, and hemp into yarn, without the need for a large, expensive, and complex spinning wheel. This a 3D printable drop spindle.
Final productjtl.jpg
retained heat cooker
Electronic Stethoscope.jpg
This 3D printable stethoscope uses an electret microphone and audio amplifier to drive a pair of earbuds. This allows for high amplification, flexibility in listening as two or more people can listen to the audio, and potentially even recording and transmission to remote doctors.
This is a much safer way to light dark areas then a gas lamp, which can start fires and releases harmful gasses.
Team pic.png
The Flock House project is a concept to provide a new form of housing for different migrating populations throughout the world.
Geared-up Final Design Labeled.jpg
The “Flock Pods” are intended to be renewable homesteads. Most food and energy needs will be generated through the “Flock Pods” internal system, and the rest through community support
The objective is to design a power meter which displays two types of data: the status of the battery and the power generated by volunteers for the Flock House. The display must be clearly visible from at least 20 feet and be visually appealing to the public.
This segmented design is able to account for the variations in stud width (Metal Stud = 1.375 in., Wood 2x4 = 1.5 in.) and stud-center to stud-center distances (12 in., 16 in., 19.2 in., 24 in.) that are commonly used while framing. This tool is intended to make the process of wall framing easier and more time efficient.
Handheld v2.0 electronics-case3.jpg
A contactless smartcard solution using Mifare Classic card.
Image 2.jpeg
Fume extractor is used in laboratories to extract harmful chemical fumes
Printed splitter.jpg
This OSAT is a garden hose splitter that can be used to split water streams from a common garden hose nozel. This splitter can be customized to any desired size, and can be paired with multiples of itself to further increase splitage.
The house already operating with a grey water system will be able to conserve water by controlling how much water is used and where it drains to.
Hammer iso.jpg
This hammer is an appropriate OSAT because a hammer is one of the most basic and necessary tools to build a structure. A hammer like this would be easy to print, low cost, and fill a real need for a developing area.
No image.svg
This 3D printable device is a portable, easy to use unit that uses a limited amount of water. Could help prevent spread of sicknesses in a village or house without access to running water.
Biodigester cross section AA.JPG
The design of most biogas systems can be traced to either the China Fixed Dome (CFD) 6+ million in-use or the India Floating Cover (IFC) 2.9+ million in-use. The Philippine BioDigester Home Biogas System (HBS) is a product of both designs.
Wheel hoes are fantastic labor savors in larger gardens and organic farming.
No image.svg
Improves on previously wasted material, long print time, and lack of modularity of other 3D printable hammer.
Finished Composter.JPG
The objective of this project is to build a compost system for the WCIA that will handle their green waste materials, as well as provide a nutrient source for their on site community gardens.

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